We Thank YOU!

It is with great sadness that we announce that the Board of Directors for Family Services of Greater Waterbury has voted to close the Agency and that it has formally dissolved. If you have any questions you may contact us in writing and send your request to Family Services of Greater Waterbury, 34 Murray Street, Waterbury, CT 06710 and we will make every effort to appropriately respond.

Like many others, we have experienced significant cuts in funding since 2010. This was a very difficult decision for all of us because Family Services of Greater Waterbury has a long and strong commitment to serving the children, adults and families living in our community. It was not a decision that we came to lightly.

We made many adjustments to our budget in the past 6 years in response to steep state budget cuts through staff reductions and cutting expenses where we could. The Nonprofit Assistance Initiative was also instrumental in supporting a consultant to help us develop a Strategic Plan and a blue print for necessary action steps to try to help the Agency remain viable.

Our Board of Directors appointed an Exploration Committee this past year comprised of five Board members, the Executive Director, Director of Operations and the Director of Finance to closely monitor all financial scenarios with a focus on creating a “best case scenario” and to prepare for a “worst case scenario” to protect the legal and ethical obligations of the organization for our clients, staff and board members. Although we anticipated some funding cuts, we recently learned of more severe cuts than were previously expected. This significantly impacted our ability to meet payroll and operational expenses putting us back into a financial crisis.

At the June 17, 2016 Board of Directors meeting, the Exploration Committee recommended that we consider closing the Agency. The full Board voted on July 15, 2016 to close Family Services of Greater Waterbury.

Thank you all for helping our 107-year old organization meet the growing needs of those struggling with mental health, family violence and other issues that impact their ability to lead successful lives. It is with great sadness that Family Services can no longer operate, for we truly were a work family here for so many years. We will encourage the community to seek support and resources from the other local organizations that we have linked to below.


Sandy Porteus, LCSW Executive Director